Muscle Model

  • OPEN

    • In larger groups the classes may be split into Tall & Short Classes. 
      Short Class:   Up to & including 173 cm’s (5 feet 8 inches)
      Tall Class:      Over 173.1 cm’s 


  • Judging Criteria


  • The Muscle Model Class will be judged on the Athlete having a Muscular appearance & displaying a fuller deep chested presentation than that of the smaller Men’s Physique Class. The Athlete should be marked on Muscularity, Symmetry, Balance & Proportions, Conditioning & Presentation.

  • Stage presence, etiquette & tanning will form the foundations of all judging decisions. Every aspect of the Athlete’s performance will be judged including skin tone & condition, hair & facial features.

  • Athletes should be free of body hair. No body jewelry is allowed.


  • The Muscle Model Class will be executed in exactly the same way as The Men’s Physique Classes with the following differences:


  • Compulsory Poses vary in that there are two additions;


  • Abdominals & Thigh

  • Most Muscular Pose (One or Both hands on thighs- no Trap Over Pose)


  •  For clarity, Muscle Model is a larger more muscular version of Men’s Athletic Class & hence the only

  • difference in performance is the showing of the two extra compulsory poses. 

  • Click here for Men's Physique Judging Criteria